The practice of Maritime Law requires competency in public and private international law, maritime conventions and rules, admiralty jurisdiction and practice, marine insurance, carriage of goods by sea, security arrests, judicial sales and applications to the Registrar.

Our attorneys have experience in all these areas and have worked for local and international clients, successfully arresting vessels in South African ports and reclaiming arrested vessels in international ports.


Craig and his team were responsible for turning around and securing a favourable settlement in 18 months in the largest ever shipping claim in South African history of €42 million for Dutch clients, which involved multiple complex jurisdictional, insurance cover, ownership, delivery and negligence issues.  This matter, prior to our engagement, had been running in the courts with the Client’s previous legal representatives for 6 years with no end in sight.


Working with commercial maritime lawyers and clients affected by maritime matters, the team are well versed in maritime agreements, salvage and disputes.



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