Members of the IBA and with experience in litigation in a number of international jurisdictions, our team are able to provide jurisdictional services for foreign litigation, as well as correspondent services for South African Attorneys outside of the Western Cape High Court jurisdiction.


Known for their quick turn-around times, immediate attention to instructions and meaningful advice and input, the team are actively sought out by local and international clients and attorneys to expedite their matters.

Local Litigation Support

As with all jurisdictions, the Western Cape has its own distinctive practices and procedures with which we, as a Cape Town based law firm, are well acquainted. Our offices are situated on the doorstep of the Western Cape High Court and we offer our colleagues in other jurisdictions complete litigation support services.

Litigation support services

  • advising on directives and local procedures;
  • service and filing of pleadings;
  • indexing and pagination of Court files;
  • uplifting of Orders;
  • setting down matters for trial;
  • attending at Rule 37(8) pre-trial conferences;
  • facilitation of setting down the hearing of urgent and semi-urgent applications
  • boardroom facilities;
  • consultation rooms with optional food and beverage services.

We have a proven track record acting as correspondent attorneys for several of the country’s most recognised litigation firms.  We pride ourselves in quick turn-around times, immediate attention to instructions and meaningful advice and input relating to the practice and procedures of the Western Cape High Court. We also have a network of Cape-based counsel.


We conduct litigation in other centres in South Africa and provide support to certain law firms who do not specialise in litigation and dispute resolution and require our expert legal support in dealing with their clients’ disputes.



International Litigation Support

Given the rapid dissolution of international commercial and corporate borders, we offer clients litigation management and support for disputes in foreign jurisdictions.


We have on several occasions assisted clients with the management of litigation abroad including the United States, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands, England, The Netherlands, Botswana and Namibia.


Our services include:

  • briefing local lawyers and, together with them, developing strategies that meet our clients’ objectives and requirements;
  • managing deliverables from local lawyers and meaningful reporting and feedback to clients.

We have found that in providing such services, our clients are able to avoid the time consuming and often frustrating process of managing the conduct of litigation in a foreign country and the delivery of services from local lawyers that meet the client’s requirements.


Armed with an in-depth background to the matter, we work closely with our foreign colleagues to limit the client’s legal cost exposure and risks as well as monitor the progress of the matter and ensure that matters are dealt with professionally and as expeditiously as possible.



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